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Testing Your Alarm System

Test your system weekly.

– Place your system into test.   You may use the app, web-site, or call (800) 542-7866.  Have your password/code ready.  Ask them to place the system into test for 30 minutes.
– Arm your security system.  Wait until the delay time expires.
– Open a door
– If delay is given, wait until the time runs out and the siren starts sounding.
– Wait 60 seconds (with the siren sounding).
– Disarm the system.
– Use the app or web-site to verify signals, or call the Central Station at (800) 542-7866 to verify signals.
– Return the system from test.

*NFPA 72 requires “Household fire alarm systems shall be tested by a qualified service technician at least annually according to the  methods of Table”

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