Do It Yourself (DIY)

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Z-Wave Lamp/Appliance

Control any appliance and/or lamp in your home or business with a Z-Wave lamp module.


Set your thermostat remotely via a smart device.


Push codes to your lock from your smart device.  Great for short-term access to house-sitters, dog-sitters, and delivery people.


Home control and security in one easy to install package.   Installs easily in less than an hour.  No wires.

Need a security system or home control but want to do it yourself.

Want home automaton without all of the wires?   Worried about other DIY systems that can be hacked or breached?

Do you wonder where your alarm system will be monitored?

American-made Equipment, 60 Year Old Alarm Company Support

By purchasing your system from Guard Tronic, you get a fully license alarm company, in business since 1959, standing behind you.   If you run into any issues during the installation, you can call us for help, or we are happy to assist in the installation process.

All of our alarm systems are monitored in our UL Listed and FM Approved Central Station in Fort Smith, Arkansas by licensed and trained operators.

No phone lines?

These systems communicate via internet or cellular.  No phone line necessary.  The system only has to be plugged into the power (and a touchscreen must be plugged in to be charged), and it is ready to work.


We provide videos to help install each of the components.  There is also an itemized list of devices with their serial numbers shipped with the products.

(Click the photo to the right to watch these videos.  They are color coded with the equipment).

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