Guard Tronic is a leader in the electronic security industry.

Guard Tronic employees donate thousands of hours every year to various causes, both to industry related and civic groups.


The National Electronic Security Alliance is the parent organization for many of the state associations.  Rick Howell, Guard Tronic’s Little Rock Regional Manager, is currently the Treasurer for NESA.   Jordon Brown, Guard Tronic’s Fort Smith Regional Manager, still serves on the Board of Directors as the Past President.


The National Fire Protection Association is an international, nonprofit, membership organization to protect people, their property and the environment from destructive fire.  They create standards, adopted by most states, to help minimize the loss due to fire.


The False Alarm Reduction Association is an organization made up of alarm professionals and false alarm administrators (typically government employees) whose sole focus is reducing false alarms.  Jordon Brown has presented at their annual symposium for the last seven years.

We invite all of our customers to check our their on-line resources for reducing false alarms.
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Jordon Brown was also the recipient of the 2014 W. Rex Bell Associate Member of the Year Award.


The Arkansas Security Alarm Association is the electronic security association for the state of Arkansas, and is a member state of NESA.  Then-Guard Tronic President Dave Gilbert was on the Board of Directors upon inception, and many on our staff still serve.   Jordon and Rick are the primary instructors in central Arkansas for the licensing courses required by the licensing body.   Randy Perry is the primary instructor for western Arkansas.   All three also help instruct for the OKBFAA.


The Oklahoma Burglar and Fire Alarm Association is the electronic security association for the state of Oklahoma, and is a member state of NESA.  Then-Guard Tronic Treasurer Rick Brown was on the Board of Directors upon inception and served until 2010.  Many on our staff still serve the OKBFAA through course instruction and serve as liaison with their licensing body.

The OKBFAA named their Instructor of the Year award in honor Rick Brown in 2007, when it was award to him.   Jordon Brown received the award the next year, in 2008.  Jordon also received the President’s Award in 2009.


While no longer a member of NBFAA/ESA, Guard Tronic staff served this organization passionately for 20+ years.  Rick Brown served on the NBFAA Board of Directors from 1982 through 2006.  Dave Gilbert, Randy Perry, and Jordon Brown also served on the Board from 1985 through 2008.  Guard Tronic is proud of the work our team members did for this organization and hope we can serve NESA with the same passion.

Jordon Brown received the National Training School Instructor of the Year Award in 2003.  He was chosen from over 200 other instructors nationwide.

Underwriters Laboratory

Other than state licensing, most alarm companies follow very few standards.  Guard Tronic voluntarily submits to UL standards for both installation (UL 681) and more importantly, for our central station (UL 827 and UL 1981).   From number of operators on duty, to number of communication paths, to response time, UL provides a rigorous standard and an annual audit to ensure we are in compliance.


As rigorous as UL is, Factory Mutual (FM Global) is even more stringent, as they are the insurance underwriters.  Much like UL, FM conducts an audit to ensure we meet their standards of installation and central station.  We have be FM Approved for over a decade.


The National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies is a division of the National Society of Professional Engineers.  They perform testing in several fields, one of which is fire alarm systems. NICET is the Global leader in providing recognition of qualified technology professionals who reliably apply engineering principles and practices for the benefit and safety of the public.

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