Disaster Recovery

What would happen if a natural or man-made disaster struck your alarm company’s monitoring station?  Are they the weak link in your security plan?

Guard Tronic’s U.L. Listed / FM Approved central station receives its power from twelve 1,220 Amp/Hour batteries.  They will power our central station for up to 76 hours.  We also have two generators.  One is a 50 kilo-watt unit.  The other is a 75 kilo-watt unit.  They will recharge our batteries in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Guard Tronic also has a remote disaster recovery system in place and is required by U.L. to test it yearly.  Our client’s alarm system’s telephone calls will get rerouted to another monitoring station so that your security system remains monitored.  All this takes place with two phone calls (typically timed at under 60 seconds).

We hold your security as our primary concern.